Monday, September 24, 2007


Friday night is "pizza and a movie" chez-nous; it's something we have done "forever" although while living in France it was Tuesday night because they didn't have school on Wednesdays (but did 3 out of 4 Saturday mornings). Some weeks we rent, some weeks we find something on Disney channel and some weeks we rely on our old favorites.

This week Alex and I rented Bridge To Terabithia , a film we have both seen (and have read the book) but wanted to share with Dad, who had never been exposed to the story.

Such a beautiful story and the film did a great job of bringing it to life. It tops my list of films to watch alone when I need a really deep cry; I think it may have nudged Armageddon out of the top spot on Phil's kleenex list.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Random Meme

A fellow CHI blogger, Lori, sent this to me! My first meme . . . just random questions that have been sent through the blogging world and have made their way to me.

Favorite movie - Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain
Last movie I saw- Green Street Hooligans
Favorite tv show - We like the Amazing Race (especially the first couple of seasons when they went to "normal" places, where we could sit back and say "oooh, we were there!), but I think I may enjoy the show House. Saw it for the first time last Wednesday night and Hugh Laurie does an exceptional job of playing a character Mr. Little would abhor.
Favorite type of pen- One that isn't dried out.
What do you struggle with - Remebering to be patient with Alex. (and apparently spelling, lol)
How many siblings-One brother.
You are the oldest/middle/youngest sibling - Oldest.
Pet's names - Peritas (Peri), our born in Ireland, raced in Spain, adopted by Americans living in France Greyhound. Tux is our black German Shepherd. Smokey is our grey fuzzy kitty. Pets who are no longer with us are Noire and Kodi.
Favorite breakfast - Yes. If I have to narrow it down, Nutella.
Favorite salad - Salade Chevre Chaude.
Favorite desert - Gateau Moelleux.
Favorite holiday - Christmas.
If you could do anything - Run a bed and breakfast either in Breckinridge, CO or somewhere in Oregon or Washington wine country. I love breakfast foods and I love meeting new people.
A living celebrity you would meet - Ina Garten. I don't know that she is exactly what one thinks of when they say "celebrity" but she is far more well known that I am!
A deceased celebrity you would meet - Joan of Arc
Your birthday - 01.23
Favorite pie - Lemon Meringue and/or Walnut and Honey.
Favorite pastry - Anything puff.
Favorite Christmas song - Muppet's 12 Days of Christmas.
Favorite soda - Orangina
Most annoying thing people do - Not saying thank you.
What did you do last night - Waited anxiously to hear how the first school dance went for Alex.
Any tattoos? - No.
Pierced ears? - Yes.
Eye color - Hazel.
Black or brown accessories (shoes/bags) - Both. Although mostly black for bags. And I do feel that everyone needs one pair of sassy red shoes. My favs are my Keen Barcelonas.
Favorite color - Green!
The walls in your bedroom are -Teal-ish. I can't remember it's official name.
You can't wait for this show to start this fall - (I'm borrowing Lori's) I'm looking forward to watching "Survivor- China" because of it's location.
If you could have one skill it would be -Painting, canvas, not walls.

Magellan, Elvis and A Slow Dance

Alex approaching the finish.

Being a pretty small school in the heart of the city with no sports fields or track or gym, Exploris doesn't have the typical extracurricular activities found at traditional middle schools. They have loads of clubs that revolve around academics and personal interests of the students (as long as they have a parent and/or teacher who will sponsor the activity and be there for meetings, they can make a club), but as far as sports they are a little lacking. For us, that was actually one of the benefits of the school as Alex has never found a team sport that he has been comfortable pursuing. So no pressure not being on the school soccer, or football, or baseball, or lacrosse team. None of the jocks vs brains stuff going on.

That said, they do have a cross country team! All you need is a pair of running shoes and off you go! Being a more solitary team sport, Alex decided to join. I've also "joined" as a running coach and have been out there running the streets of Raleigh (and the parking garage stairs) with the kids. It's been so great for Alex! He's made several friends and now knows some "upper classmen" that he'll talk to at school.

They had their first meet on Thursday after school, competing against Magellan Charter School and the Franklin Academy. It was held in a park about a thirty minute drive north of school. Running in fields and on trails, much different from our pavement pounding we do in town. The girls' team rocked and came in first place and our guys did a great job coming in second!

Go Exploris!

The boys at the start line.

That evening Phil and I had a date with Elvis Costello performing with the NC Symphony! So it was quite the rush showering, feeding Alex and getting to the show on time! It was held at a fairly small outdoor venue with seating, followed by lawn, followed by elevated tables with wait service. We were in the latter which helped us in not worrying too much about being late or getting dinner for ouselves organized! It was an interesting evening of music with both Elvis and the Symphony working with one another on combined musical arrangements, some of which had only been run through together that afternoon. They performed some Costello classics (Veronica, Accidents Will Happen, Alison, What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding) but mostly a variety of lovely pieces that combined both his one of a kind voice with the talented symphony members.

Lastly, and I am so not old enough for this, Alex had his first slow dance last night at his very first school dance!!!! It was quite the drama leading up to the dance with Alex asking a girl if she would be there (his way of asking her to the dance) and then being flat out asked by another girl if he would go with her to the dance (such a forward little thing!). He had a great time and already informed us of when the next dance will be happening . . . I am so so so not ready for any of this!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Baker's Dozen

Yesterday was our thirteenth wedding anniversary! It's amazing to me that we have been married that long; it seems like just yesterday when Phil was whisking me away from my teaching job in Chicago for the beginning of our life together. It is so true the saying about time flying . . . I'm looking forward to 13+ more years of fun together!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fabric and Bunnies

I do have fabric that I've had stashed away, but I thought I'd pull it out and try to figure out exactly how to use it in Kate's room. The toile-esque garden print is for a window treatment (probably a lovely topper of some sort). The multi-stripe is for a crib skirt. The tone on tone stripe originally had been purchased for bumper pads, but apparently the collective wisdom on bumper pads has changed since Alex was a babe. Pads are bad is what I've been reading, along with quilts and those wedgie-things that keep jr in one position during the night. So I'm a little torn about the TOT-stripe's purpose . . . perhaps some panels to accompany the header on the window? Or perhaps if I make a skirt with knife-pleats, use it as a contrasting inside the pleats fabric? Hmm.

The two bunnies were must have purchases ages ago with the hope that some day they could adorn a little lady's bedroom. I love the Degas quality of the little basket-holding girl bunny! And the cute little guy in coveralls . . .I think maybe he'll be given the task of displaying a photo of us holding Kate for the first time!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Common Grounds

This time last year we were just a few weeks into our new life here in NC, still feeling like fish out of water and it was discovered that Alex has High Functioning Autism. In the twelve months that followed and continuing daily we've been on a journey of discovery, relief ("it's all starting to make some sense")and reaching out to other families in the autism/aspergers community. I found an asperger's parent group last spring and enjoyed the last few meetings until everything paused for the summer.

Feeling antsy with kids back in school and still two more weeks til our first official meeting, a group of us got together for coffee and chat time. I love how "normal" I feel when I'm with these other moms. When your child doesn't quite fit in with the "norm", moms can also have a feeling of not quite belonging. Nobody on the block has the same fears and issues that I have for my son. So I love being with a group of folks where my kid and all his wonderful quirks are normal!

Now if only I could find a group for owners of ball-obsessed German Shepherds . . .

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Four Days

We returned home late Sunday night from our neighbor's Grill Breaking-In party and decided to see if there was any news from China. On checking the CCAA website I saw that they had finished their matching for August. Congratulations to the families that have log in dates of November 22, 23, 24 and 25, the four days that were processed in the last month.

I'll admit that I did have a breakdown; the first time I've shed tears quite so exuberantly over referral news and my eyes were still sore upon waking Monday morning. I know that any progress is progress and I need to keep happy thoughts in my head. I have not allowed myself to do any Kate shopping until we are less than 6 months from a referral and I'm just itching to buy something PINK!!! Perhaps maybe just a small something??