Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kate On Two Wheels

We took away the training wheels today! It was really amazing! She hopped on and away she went! No spills. No tears. No bandaids. No kidding. She was fantastic!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where's Alex?

The 7th grade spring class trip was a three day adventure in Philadelphia so Kate had the chance to be an only child for a while. We thought she'd love being the princess . . . oh wait, she's ALWAYS the princess . . . love having our undivided attention for 3 whole days. And she did enjoy it. But she really missed having her brother around.

She told me that she was going to make a card for Alex (she's BIG into making cards right now). I told her I thought that was an excellent idea, that Alex would love to get a card from her. On the day that he was getting home (late, late that night), she ran upstairs afterschool and was busy for quite some time. She came down later with a sealed envelope and announced that she had made her card for Alex. Groovy.

When Alex got home (after 11pm) that night, this card was waiting for him on the kitchen counter:

When she says go home she really means come home. And wes is wish. So sweet. And just as wonderful was that Alex had used some of his spending money in Philly to buy Kate a gift. A key chain (she's got this amazing jingly key chain collection on her backpack) that said Philadelphia on one side (with a flag and some other patriotic stuff), and a flashing #1 Sister on the flip-side.

Happy sibs watching Stuart Little together!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Vista and Valentine's

For my birthday I got my very own lovely laptop! It's fast. It's green (my fav color)! And it uses Windows Vista. Previously I was an XP girl so this has taken some adjustment. I'm not really digging the photo storage, but I'll get there. So I'm going to blame my slow learning curve on the reason why I haven't posted in ages. Or I could blame facebook.

Pic thanks to Shawndel who sent this to me from Kate's Valentine's Day breakfast at school (oh, about a month ago . . . oops).