Sunday, October 28, 2007


More from the archives . . .

There was a merger of museums in Raleigh this fall. Exploris Museum and Play Space joined forces to become Marbles Chilren's Museum. The student's at Exploris Middle School were enlisted in both the early behind the scenes work and at the actual grand opening, September 29, working at the various stations.

Alex spent most of his shift at a painting station, helping kids get set up at the easels and finding places to leave their creations to dry. He got to work with Frank, the 8th grade teacher who is also the cross country coach, along with several other 7th and 8th graders.

The museum was packed! I'm sure the fact that it was free that day didn't hurt, but I know there was alot of interest from families with young kids eager to finally get a chance to check out Raleigh's first children's musuem. I think it's been a hit since that first day because it's next to impossible now to get good (read "free") parking at school!! Oh well.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I'm rewinding a bit . . . since I've allowed weeks upon weeks to slip by without an update. Let's go back to the weekend Virginia Tech beat the living . . . , err , played Duke.

Fellow Hokies and APO (co-ed service fraternity) friends John Singer and his wife Sharon (honorary Hokie) and family (Christopher, Michael and Anna) drove down Friday night from Delaware for a weekend of game day fun and hanging out with friends. John was a bit looopy from jet lag and timezone issues . . . totally normal when you hop in a car on a Friday evening directly from returning from Belgium. Throw in some DC Friday evening rush hour traffic . . . Oh that beer on arrival at 1 am chez McKenzie, like manna from heaven!

Saturday morning up bright and early to load up tailgating supplies and meet up with two other Hokie APO families, the Donnelly's (also living in Delaware) and the Lang's (Charlotte, NC).

Loads of kids, loads of food, and the never ending soundtrack that was Maya's car horn (the Hokie fight song . . . I kid not) "push the button again, Maya". Which proved most humorous when the battery to her car was DEAD when we tried to leave post-game!

The Duke football stadium (stadium feels too grand a word, really) reminded me of a high school stadium. We realized that the track around the field was what really did it. It was also Duke's Homecoming game! Why? Why would you schedule a slaughter for your homecoming?? Actually, Duke played really well, better than what the final score reflects and it was a perfect sized venue for our huge group to be able to get seats all together. Much easier than the two table seatings of raclette at our house that night (save that for another entry).

Monday, October 22, 2007

What if Kate is Not a Kate?

How is it that time just seemed to scoot by this month?? We've been so busy with school, family and friends . . .

Every so often our agency is given a list of "waiting children", children who have some sort of special need. Some are severe, but many are mild, as mild in fact as "old" age. Each time the list has been posted, well at least since last November, we've found children that we'd love to parent. We've sent requests, but never been fortunate enough to have our name pulled from the hat.

This time around is no exception, but the majority of the children we have requested are boys! When we started this process, when I thought of China, I immediately thought "daughter". I thought "Kate". But perhaps Kate may turn out to be a Keane or Keifer? Or perhaps Kate will be a Kate, but an older Kate with her Chinese name that she would prefer to keep and a dislike of all things pink? I can toss aside the Hanna Anderson catalogue and instead the two of us can shop from Title 9 or Athleta or REI.

"Kate" is a child out there waiting for us as we have been waiting for "Kate". Could be a baby girl, but we've decided that just as likely "Kate" could be a ten year old girl or a five year old boy, or someone anywhere in between. "Kate" is our child. We'll meet eventually.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Man of La Mancha

We got a note last week that Alex' Spanish teacher was going to see Man of La Mancha on the 5th, and invited any of her students who might be interested to join her. There were about 25 students who took her up on the offer, Alex included. So we dressed him up and dropped him off, and he enjoyed a wonderful evening at the theater!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Cross Country Updates

Our team continues to improve in their cross country efforts! The kids are really working hard during after school practice as well as putting in some time over the weekends and it really shows! Two weeks ago our meet was against Ravenscroft and last week we were up against Cary Academy. The course at Cary Academy was our longest, 2 miles, and the kids did extremely well!